Leading Mentoring

Leading Mentoring is designed for educational leaders seeking to enhance their personal and other team members’ mentoring practice in their context.  Material within this program has a dual focus; looking at leader to leader mentoring and also the leadership of mentoring. The program explores the organisational perspective and role of leadership in the implementation of adaptive and sustainable models of mentoring. This professional development also enables school or early learning centre leaders to enhance their personal mentoring practice and acquire a skill base that can be directly applied to the mentoring relationship in a structured way.

“Although the majority of reviewed studies revealed that mentoring does provide a range of positive outcomes for mentors, mentees, and the organization, it is not, however, without its dark side. In some cases, poor mentoring can be worse than no mentoring at all. Our belief is that the potential problems of mentoring are not insurmountable. With careful and sensitive planning and skilful leadership, most problems can be minimized… Indeed, all parties have a responsibility to make mentoring work so that it can be a positive force for individuals and their organizations.” (Ehrich, Hansford & Tennent, 2004, p.536)

Reference: Ehrich, L. C., Hansford, B., & Tennent, L. (2004). Formal mentoring programs in education and other professions: A review of the literature. Educational Administration Quarterly, 40(4), 518-540.