Mentoring Communities

Mentoring Communities explores how mentoring programs may support collaborative professional growth and development of experienced teachers in educational settings.  The role of the mentor is clarified in developing, maintaining and managing effective mentoring relationships between colleagues or peers. A range of innovative, collective and sustainable approaches to mentoring are investigated. 

“The era of isolated teachers, working alone to meet the myriad needs of all their students is neither educationally effective nor economically viable in the 21st Century…When teachers are given the tools to collaborate, they become life-long learners, their instructional practice improves, and they are ultimately able to increase achievement far beyond what any of them could accomplish alone”. (Carroll, Fulton & Doerr, 2010, p.7)

Reference: Carroll, T., Fulton, K., & Doerr, H. (2010). Team up for 21st century teaching and learning: What research and practice reveal about professional learning. Washington, DC: National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future. Retrieved on 16/02/2015 from TeamUp-CE-Web.pdf

Mentoring Pre-service Teachers is available in face to face or online mode.