Mentoring Early Career Teachers 

Mentoring Early Career Teachers focuses on assisting mentors to enhance the skills and confidence of early career teachers. It explores how mentors may assist teachers, in their first four years of practice, to build their capacity to self-assess and empower them to account for professional growth. The program explores how the needs of early career teachers (ECT) can be addressed through a sustainable and collaborative approach to mentoring.

Module One: Mentoring early career teachers in the  21st Century 

Module Two: Effective mentoring for early career teachers 

Module Three: Scaffolding self-assessment practices for early career teachers 

Module Four: Sustaining effective communities of practice

 “The overwhelming evidence of our longitudinal study is that, for most, the satisfaction from teaching improves as the ECTs gain experience. They want to teach. They want to be good teachers. As they learn to be better teachers this experience of personal professional improvement together with the resultant improvement in their classes contributes to their desire to remain in the profession. Two broad factors appear critical to the retention of teachers: the opportunity for professional learning; and the contribution of their work environment (including support, collegiality and possibility physical environment) to their sense of self-worth as teachers.” (Buchanan et al, 2013, p.124)

Reference: Buchanan, J., Prescott, A., Schuck, S., Aubusson, P., Burke, P., & Louviere, J. (2013). Teacher Retention and Attrition: Views of Early Career Teachers. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 38(3), 112 -129.

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Mentoring Early Teachers is available in face to face or online mode.